Chemical Peels - Epionce


Why a Epionce peel?


  • IMPROVES SKIN AGING: Helps reduce the apperance of fine lines, wrnkles & hyperpigmentation
  • TREATS SKIN CONDITIONS Helps treat acne, rocacea & pre-cancerous lesions
  • MINIMAL DOWNTIME return to your normal daily routine immediately post-procedure.
  • COMBINATION TREATMENTS Can be combined with other treatments, such as light microdermabrasion, to achieve you optimal aesthetic results.





Is the Epionce peel right for me?

The Epionce peel is suiutable for most skin types & conditions.

after a short consultation we can decide if the peel will help you

meet you desired skin care goals.


Will my skin peel?

You may experience light flaking or peeling up to one week

post peel. This can be covered with light mineral makeup if needed.


How do I care for my skin after the procedure?

We will supply you with a post procedure kit, this includes a cleanser, Medical barrier cream & SPF 30

All of the post care steps are included in the kit.

After you peel series is complete we can advise you on the right Epionce home products that wiil help keep ytpur skin looking great.


When will I see results?

You may notice a positive change in your skin after just one treatment; howeve, depending on your skin care goals, achieving your optimum may require a series of treatments.