Botox - Azzalure aftercare

-For at least 4 hours after injections do not rub, or massage the treated area, or undertake vigorous exercise. Avoid any form of facial treatment or massage to reduce the risk of the botulinum toxin spreading to adjacent muscles where it might cause the eyelid to droop;
-Wait for up to two weeks for the treatment to work fully, so be patient! Most people will find that, even after this period, if they try really hard, they can still move the muscles to a small extent in the area treated. This is quite normal. The aim of the treatment is not to prevent you from moving the muscles in your face, but merely to reduce the number of times that your muscles contract as this is when wrinkles occur.
-Contact us after 14 days, if you find that you can still use the muscles treated to the same extent as before the treatment and you cannot see any apparent improvement.
-Sometimes we will ask you to return two weeks after your first treatment so that they can monitor the results.
-Contact us immediately if you experience any drooping of the eyelid, adverse eyebrow position, bruising problems, or infection following treatment.
If you are dissatisfied, worried or unhappy with your treatment
Please contact us on 020 8363 6111